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10/01/18 - 14/01/18
Photo Video Lot Sex     Sire Dam Price   Buyer
1007 Colt Manhattan Rain Nitouche
1023 Colt Animal Kingdom (USA) Rainbow Bridge (NZ)
103 Colt Animal Kingdom (USA) Moonlight Hussey
1030 Colt Animal Kingdom (USA) Rosaeian
126 Colt Smart Missile Negotiate
144 Colt Smart Missile Ocelot
151 Colt Dundeel (NZ) Opportunity (NZ)
170 Filly Smart Missile Pauline de Lago
177 Colt Olympic Glory (IRE) Phaedra
191 Colt Redoute's Choice Pretty Pins (NZ)
204 Colt Toronado (IRE) Push and Shove
233 Filly Olympic Glory (IRE) Remerged
235 Filly Snitzel Response
24 Filly Olympic Glory (IRE) Lanai (USA)
265 Filly Redoute's Choice Sacred Witness
271 Colt Olympic Glory (IRE) Sammy's Girl
294 Colt Not A Single Doubt She Loves You
31 Filly Olympic Glory (IRE) Let's Make A Deal
348 Colt Not A Single Doubt Star Pupil
35 Filly Redoute's Choice Line Honours
350 Filly Dundeel (NZ) Statuette
376 Filly Snitzel Tango
379 Colt Redoute's Choice Tara From The Cape (USA)
398 Colt Redoute's Choice Traceability
398 Colt Redoute's Choice Traceability
402 Colt Sebring Tresor
427 Colt Redoute's Choice Vishneva
430 Colt Dundeel (NZ) Vocalise
433 Filly Manhattan Rain Vortex
436 Filly Smart Missile Wecansay Mak
467 Colt Olympic Glory (IRE) Zillow
479 Filly Lord Kanaloa (JPN) Adempiamo (JPN)
493 Filly Not A Single Doubt Anadan
52 Colt Snitzel Madame Andree
529 Colt Olympic Glory (IRE) Ballet Blue
533 Colt Lord Kanaloa (JPN) Bariloche (JPN)
537 Filly Animal Kingdom (USA) Battle Queen
573 Colt Animal Kingdom (USA) Butters (USA)
591 Colt Redoute's Choice Cat by the Tale (USA)
61 Colt Olympic Glory (IRE) Malukar (NZ)
617 Filly Lord Kanaloa (JPN) Classic Curl (JPN)
621 Colt More Than Ready (USA) Colorado Claire
638 Colt Olympic Glory (IRE) Covertly
659 Colt Snitzel Desert Fight (CHI)
668 Filly Dundeel (NZ) Distinctive
675 Colt Olympic Glory (IRE) Downtown Manhattan
698 Colt Snitzel Estatuilla
731 Filly Redoute's Choice Flavoured
733 Filly Snitzel Flidais
735 Colt Animal Kingdom (USA) Flowerchild
756 Colt Dundeel (NZ) Gentle Woman
764 Colt Dundeel (NZ) Glove
781 Filly Shooting to Win Grand Daughter
798 Filly Smart Missile Helena Girl
805 Colt Snitzel Hollow Bullet
813 Filly Olympic Glory (IRE) Hussterics
852 Filly Snitzel Just Dancing
891 Colt Olympic Glory (IRE) Catalina Winemixer
925 Filly Animal Kingdom (USA) Eternal Optimist
934 Filly Animal Kingdom (USA) Flashy Gemma
958 Filly Animal Kingdom (USA) Intimation
958 Filly Animal Kingdom (USA) Intimation
974 Colt Animal Kingdom (USA) Lieserl
981 Colt Charge Forward Love is Fickle

10/02/18 - 13/11/17
Photo Video Lot Sex     Sire Dam Price   Buyer
NA Colt Olympic Glory (IRE) Stormy Hussey
118 Colt Charge Forward Morton
123 Colt Smart Missile Snowy World
137 Colt Dundeel (NZ) St. Therese
44 Colt Smart Missile Serenade Lily (NZ)
54 Colt Not A Single Doubt Simply Put
6 Colt Charge Forward Raweesha

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