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10/01/18 - 14/01/18
Photo Video Lot Sex     Sire Dam Price   Buyer
1007 Colt Manhattan Rain Nitouche $80,000 Elite Thoroughbreds
1023 Colt Animal Kingdom (USA) Rainbow Bridge (NZ) $80,000 Paul Perry Racing
103 Colt Animal Kingdom (USA) Moonlight Hussey $50,000 Les Kelly
1030 Colt Animal Kingdom (USA) Rosarian $20,000 Koidco Limited
126 Colt Smart Missile Negotiate $85,000 Glenn and Viive Williams
144 Colt Smart Missile Ocelot $100,000 Laceby Lodge Stud
151 Colt Dundeel (NZ) Opportunity (NZ) $280,000 DGR Tbreds P/L/Chris Anderson Racing
170 Filly Smart Missile Pauline de Lago $45,000 Darby Racing/De Burgh Equine
177 Colt Olympic Glory (IRE) Phaedra $180,000 Gerald Ryan
191 Colt Redoute's Choice Pretty Pins (NZ) $160,000 Dynamic Syndications
204 Colt Toronado (IRE) Push and Shove Passed In
233 Filly Olympic Glory (IRE) Remerged $60,000 Dalziel Racing/Peter Moody Racing
235 Filly Snitzel Response $350,000 Moody Racing Pty Ltd
24 Filly Olympic Glory (IRE) Lanai (USA) $160,000 Paul Perry Racing
265 Filly Redoute's Choice Sacred Witness $110,000 Andrew Williams Bloodstock Pty Ltd
271 Colt Olympic Glory (IRE) Sammy's Girl $110,000 Payne Racing Pty Ltd
294 Colt Not A Single Doubt She Loves You $700,000 China Horse Club/Newgate/Winstar
31 (W) Filly Olympic Glory (IRE) Let's Make A Deal Withdrawn
348 (W) Colt Not A Single Doubt Star Pupil Withdrawn
35 (W) Filly Redoute's Choice Line Honours Withdrawn
350 Filly Dundeel (NZ) Statuette $180,000 Diamond Racing/Matt Cumani/Boomer Bloodstock
376 Filly Snitzel Tango $320,000 Randwick Bstock Agency/Mystery Downs
379 Colt Redoute's Choice Tara From The Cape (USA) $220,000 Paul Perry Racing
398 Colt Redoute's Choice Traceability $750,000 Hawkes Racing
402 Colt Sebring Tresor $260,000 Matthew Dunn/Neil Jenkinson
427 Colt Redoute's Choice Vishneva $75,000 Ezybonds No 1 Syndicate
430 Colt Dundeel (NZ) Vocalise $115,000 Dream Tbds/Bluegrass B/S /AGF Racing
433 Filly Manhattan Rain Vortex $60,000 Anthony Freedman Racing
436 Filly Smart Missile Wecansay Mak $30,000 Triple Crown Syndications Pty Ltd
467 Colt Olympic Glory (IRE) Zillow $240,000 Mulcaster Bloodstock
479 Filly Lord Kanaloa (JPN) Adempiamo (JPN) $800,000 Paul Perry Racing
493 Filly Not A Single Doubt Anadan $200,000 John and Sandra Harding
503 Colt Sebring Antique Belle $60,000 Parnhams Racing Stable
52 Colt Snitzel Madame Andree $900,000 James Harron Bloodstock
529 Colt Olympic Glory (IRE) Ballet Blue $210,000 Gai Waterhouse/Adrian Bott/Blue Sky
533 (W) Colt Lord Kanaloa (JPN) Bariloche (JPN) Withdrawn
537 (W) Filly Animal Kingdom (USA) Battle Queen Withdrawn
573 Colt Animal Kingdom (USA) Butters (USA) $240,000 Heinrich Bloodstock
591 Colt Redoute's Choice Cat by the Tale (USA) $1,000,000 James Moore Racing
61 Colt Olympic Glory (IRE) Malukar (NZ) $85,000 Paul Perry Racing
617 Filly Lord Kanaloa (JPN) Classic Curl (JPN) $280,000 Lloyd Kennewell Racing Pty Ltd
621 Colt More Than Ready (USA) Colorado Claire $300,000 Jadeskye Racing/Brad Widdup/Top 10 Syndicate
638 Colt Olympic Glory (IRE) Covertly $120,000 Dynamic Syndications
659 Colt Snitzel Desert Fight (CHI) $350,000 James Harron Bloodstock
668 Filly Dundeel (NZ) Distinctive Passed In
675 Colt Olympic Glory (IRE) Downtown Manhattan $600,000 Katsumi Yoshida
698 Colt Snitzel Estatuilla $325,000 Harras Syndicate/Mulcaster Bloodstock
731 Filly Redoute's Choice Flavoured Passed In
733 Filly Snitzel Flidais $1,800,000 Reg Inglis/Jon Kelly/Paul Frampton
735 Colt Animal Kingdom (USA) Flowerchild $115,000 Australian Bloodstock Pty Ltd
756 Colt Dundeel (NZ) Gentle Woman $45,000 Matthew Brown Racing
764 Colt Dundeel (NZ) Glove $230,000 Highclere Tbred Racing/John & Jake Warren
781 Filly Shooting to Win Grand Daughter $150,000 Triple Crown Syndications Pty Ltd
798 Filly Smart Missile Helena Girl $220,000 Matthew C Smith Racing Pty Ltd
805 Colt Snitzel Hollow Bullet $350,000 Harras Syndicate/Mulcaster Bloodstock
813 Filly Olympic Glory (IRE) Hussterics $85,000 Triple Crown Syndications Pty Ltd
852 Filly Snitzel Just Dancing $575,000 Belmont Bloodstock Agency
891 Colt Olympic Glory (IRE) Catalina Winemixer $90,000 Paul Perry Racing
925 Filly Animal Kingdom (USA) Eternal Optimist $27,000 Charles Cramp
934 Filly Animal Kingdom (USA) Flashy Gemma $20,000 PFG Racing
958 Filly Animal Kingdom (USA) Intimation $30,000 PFG Racing
974 Colt Animal Kingdom (USA) Lieserl $50,000 Australian Bloodstock Pty Ltd
981 Colt Charge Forward Love is Fickle $110,000 Gai Waterhouse/Adrian Bott/Blue Sky

10/02/18 - 13/11/17
Photo Video Lot Sex     Sire Dam Price   Buyer
118 Colt Charge Forward Morton $60,000 Mark Newnham
123 Colt Smart Missile Snowy World $70,000 Ohukia Lodge
137 Colt Dundeel (NZ) St. Therese $150,000 Galletta Constructions Co. Pty Ltd
142 Colt Olympic Glory (IRE) Stormy Hussey $60,000 Darby Racing / De Burgh Equine
162 Filly Dundeel (NZ) Tejon $80,000 Roughwood Park
165 Colt Olympic Glory (IRE) Tennessee Sunrise Passed In
202 Colt Manhattan Rain Vienna Lady $50,000 Blueblood Thoroughbreds
214 Filly Olympic Glory (IRE) Wayward $52,000 Paul Perry
231 Colt Olympic Glory (IRE) Zaby Zaby (NZ) $45,000 N Mayfield-Smith
312 Colt Animal Kingdom (USA) Charangas $65,000 K Harris
327 Filly Olympic Glory (IRE) Coffee Hit $92,000 Galletta Constructions Co. Pty Ltd
331 Colt Smart Missile Compton Rainbow (GB) $85,000 Big Red Farm, Japan
336 Colt Olympic Glory (IRE) Crafty Lady $36,000 Two Stubbies Racing
349 Filly Not A Single Doubt Daralara (FR) $55,000 Kendrick Racing / Andrew Williams Bloodstock
358 (W) Colt Olympic Glory (IRE) Deposition Withdrawn
361 Filly Olympic Glory (IRE) Distant and Lovely $35,000 M Cox
368 Colt Animal Kingdom (USA) Dual Star $60,000 Kiltannon Stables, New Zealand
400 Filly Manhattan Rain Flying Flanders $120,000 Rolsworth Pty Ltd
44 Colt Smart Missile Serenade Lily (NZ) $85,000 Dynamic Syndications
464 Filly Smart Missile Jessica Rose $60,000 C Conners
468 (W) Filly Not A Single Doubt Kidding Around Withdrawn
506 Colt Smart Missile Lundi $90,000 Zheng Man, New Zealand
508 Filly Kinshasa No Kiseki Mai Gluck (GB) $80,000 G Ryan
524 Colt Dundeel (NZ) Milanesa $130,000 Paul Perry
54 Colt Not A Single Doubt Simply Put $100,000 Paul Perry
563 Filly Animal Kingdom (USA) Only Roses $180,000 Australian Bloodstock Pty Ltd
580 Filly Dundeel (NZ) Petworth House $135,000 O'Brien Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd
589 Filly Charge Forward Portrayal $80,000 Sheamus Mills Bloodstock
6 Colt Charge Forward Raweesha Passed In
635 Filly Dundeel (NZ) Sumptuous $20,000 Kehigh Developments Pty Limited
672 Colt Manhattan Rain Baby Angel $50,000 Kim Waugh
689 Colt Smart Missile Clean Sweep (NZ) $155,000 Upper Bloodstock, Hong Kong
784 Filly Animal Kingdom (USA) Moonrush $35,000 Chevaux Bloodstock Pty Ltd

09/04/18 - 11/04/18
Photo Video Lot Sex     Sire Dam Price   Buyer
101 Colt Animal Kingdom (USA) Double Ranga (USA)
103 Filly Redoute's Choice Dream Date
11 Filly Deep Impact (JPN) Alverta
130 Filly Snitzel Fictional Account (IRE)
17 Filly Redoute's Choice Angel of Mercy
182 Colt Dundeel (NZ) Joy Ride
191 Colt Redoute's Choice Kneeling
199 Filly Redoute's Choice Lahana
203 Filly Olympic Glory (IRE) Let's Make Adeal
21 Colt Frankel (GB) Aqua Bella (GB)
239 Filly Snitzel Miss Match (ARG)
241 Colt Snitzel Miss Sharapova (NZ)
25 Filly Snitzel Asterix (JPN)
257 Colt Not A Single Doubt My Prerogative
259 Colt Redoute's Choice National Colour (SAF)
26 Filly So You Think (NZ) Astral Flower (GB)
311 Filly Snitzel Quiet Maggy (USA)
32 Filly Snitzel Azmiyna (IRE)
329 Filly Snitzel Rose of Kentucky
347 Filly Snitzel Senator Beck (USA)
35 Colt Lord Kanaloa (JPN) Bariloche (JPN)
358 Colt Redoute's Choice Silla Regalis
373 Colt Dundeel (NZ) Sport Chic
378 Colt Not A Single Doubt Star Pupil
400 Colt Fastnet Rock The Broken Shore
401 Filly Snitzel The Darling One
403 Colt Redoute's Choice Top Cuban
405 Filly Epiphaneia (JPN) Travessia (JPN)
409 Filly Dundeel (NZ) Tuusula
41 Filly Dundeel (NZ) Belle Giselle
417 Colt Snitzel Vaayala (NZ)
418 Filly Animal Kingdom (USA) Vadaiyma (FR)
426 Filly Animal Kingdom (USA) Victory Party (USA)
442 Filly Deep Impact (JPN) You're So Good (NZ)
452 Filly Pierro Illusionary
460 Filly Redoute's Choice Mandistana (FR)
461 Colt Dundeel (NZ) Manhattan Man
462 Filly Animal Kingdom (USA) Mardi
465 Filly Dundeel (NZ) Michikabu (IRE)
469 Filly Olympic Glory (IRE) Ocean Challenger
478 Filly Dundeel (NZ) Pyrography
480 Colt Olympic Glory (IRE) Ready Magic
482 Colt Dundeel (NZ) Salutations
491 Colt Sebring So Divine (NZ)
495 Filly Dundeel (NZ) Sylvaner (NZ)
514 Filly Animal Kingdom (USA) Bianca (NZ)
523 Colt Olympic Glory (IRE) Certain Promise (USA)
526 Filly Dundeel (NZ) Darvaza (USA)
70 Filly Deep Impact (JPN) Charming Estelle
89 Colt Animal Kingdom (USA) Defender

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